Lole Remón      

(Born in Mar del Plata, 1988)



Visual artist and Curator / Professor of Visual Arts specialized in Printmaking, National University of La Plata (UNLP) (2013).

2022     El ORÁCULO, Artist Program. By Purpura Project. Santa Fe, ARG.

2019     Karstica Artist in Residency, Cañada del Hoyo, España (August).

2018     Since January of this year co-directs the project called Casa Intermitente, a group of artists and art managers.

             Obtains the Teaching Scholarship from the National Fund for the Arts (FNA) to the project called Chapa Chapa by Casa Intermitente.

2017     Participates in the art clinic Fronteras Suspendidas at MAR Museum, Mar del Plata, coordinated by Sebastián Tedesco and Mariano Luna.

2015     Integrates the group called G.R.A.P.A (Research and Analysis Group of Artistic Productions) with the tutors Claudio Roveda and Josefina Fossatti.

             Attends seminars with Daniel Fitte, Maria Lightowler, Mariana Rodriguez Iglesias, and Leila Tschopp.

             Attends Irritated Material Conference, by Lars Bang Larsen, (UTDT) Torcuato Di Tella University, CABA.

2014     Seminar "The language of the exhibition and how to escape from it" by Martí Manen, Torcuato Di Tella University, CABA.

2012     Art clinic with Leonel Fernandez Pinola, La Plata.

             Participates in the Internship Program in Research and Production of Exhibitions of the Fine Arts Faculty and the Emilio Pettoruti Provincial Museum, La Plata.



Art columnist of the weekly radio show “Pongan Otra Canción”, Radio con Vos FM 95.3 Mar del Plata, since December 2018.
Art columnist for EY magazine, Mar del Plata, from December 2017 until March 2019 (
Reviewer for Ramona Magazine online since 2016.



2019     "Lost in Transmission" AVTO, Istanbul, Turkey. Research project with artworks of the artists Marcos Calvari, Federico Gloriani and Federico Barabino. Nov 22nd-Dec 29th, 2019.

2019     “Tectónica de la Pintura" (Tectonics of painting), Works by Luciano León Liguori. Luogo, Art Space, Rafaela - Santa Fé, Argentina (May).

             “Estado Deseado” (Desired state) Patricia Traverso. Irene Melillo Gallery, Mar del Plata. ARG (May)

2018     “Lo débil se mantiene. Ensayos para una posible comprensión” (The weak remains. Essays for a possible understanding) Facundo Lugea. Yakuzi's House. Mar del Plata (October).

             “Ritmo” (Rhythm) Mariana Pellejero, Florencia Reisz and Daniela Santamaría. Center of Builders and Annexes. Mar del Plata, Arg (April).

2016     “Calma Chicha” Annual exhibition of the group G.R.A.P.A, with the support of the National Arts Fund and Culture Secretariat of Mar del Plata, Arg (January).



2019     Lost in Transmission. AVTO, Istanbul, Turkey.

2018     Provincial Youth Art Salon 2018 - Sculpture and Space Experiences, Emilio Pettoruti Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, La Plata, Arg. SPECIAL MENTION OF THE JURY

2017     2nd Hall of Visual Arts, Engraving and Printed Art. University of the East, La Plata, Arg. MENTION OF THE JURY

             Vernissage #12, Ayelén Lamas Aragón and Lole Remón, Rimbaud / The Gallery, La Plata.

2016     Hypergraphology, Open Call of Postal Paradise, MAIL ART. Sofia House, CABA.

             Young Art Salon - Engraving Selection, Emilio Pettoruti Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, La Plata.

             Calma Chicha. Water Square, Mar del Plata.

2012     Winter Salon. Alicia Brandy, Art Gallery. CABA.
             Just for today. Art Residence “Heart”. La Plata.

2010     Artists Books. Vigo Experimental Center. La Plata.


2019     ZAPADORES, Art City, Madrid; showing artwork results from Karstica Art Residency - Cuenca, (August - September) Spain.
2016     Left hemisphere. Yakuzi's House, Mar del Plata. (October) ARG.


Lives and works between Barcelona (Spain) and Mar del Plata (Argentina).