All this work has been done for spanish publications, that is why its content remains in its original language.

Communication and dissemination is an essential factor to expand the art-consuming public and, later, the discussion about contemporary art or the present of the art world in general.
On many cirumstances and institutions, it still happens that art education refers only to a matter of techniques, when Art Philosophy or Aesthetics has been studying for a century -at least-, aspects that go beyond the formal and to which the art of the present constantly attends.

The modest aspiration of this role in communication is to disseminate the activity of artists of the present and history, as well as practices, events and institutions, which expand what the general public considers of contemporary art and -maybe- they can evoke a more active participation of it in the ways of consuming contemporary productions.


- Since December 2018 she is a radio art columnist for the weekly program Pongan Otra Canción, Radio con Vos FM 95.3 Mar del Plata, Argentina (Friday 19 - 22h GMT-3) /
Here is a selection of edits from the radial column called That Anyone Can Do.


- From December 2017 to March 2019, Art columnist for Ey Magazine, Mar del Plata,

Some of the published articles printed below.


- Reviewer for the online Ramona Magazine (ARG) during 2016.





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